Verden har brug for os – og for vores kærlighed!

turn off the light, turn on the love
see what you’re made off
the same flesh and blood
turn off the hate turn on the heart
dont walk away when the world needs us
when the world needs love
when it seems lost
the world needs us

– Sarah Connor


Strong as Steel

Selvfølgelig skal min mand hyldes med Five Star ‘Strong as Steel‘ i dag på vores 5 års bryllupsdag ❤

We’ve been so close to each other
Can’t think of a moment
that you weren’t there

We’ve been through so much together
Can’t think of a feeling
that we haven’t shared

We’ve been right here for each other
Even through when times were hard for us
When it rained we came through shining
Always knew we’d make it, all it takes is trust

This love is as strong as steel
Can’t break it up or break it down,
it’s always gonna be around